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Thank You
Posted By dpmeyer, December 17, 2013, in All

First and foremost to my wife Shannon, who was there by my side every step of the way, often putting my goals above her own. I love you.

Anthony Anderson and Adam Glass, without whose support I would not have been able to make this film.

My mentor Mark Harris, who gave me the best piece of advice: "you just gotta buy that ticket."

Rabin Harduth, it all started with you five years ago. Look what we did with it. Kagiso Lediga, you're an amazing storyteller, thanks for giving me so much free advice and for letting me sleep in your guest room. Mikey Mills , the film would have taken another five years to release if it weren't for your organization.

Brian Golden Davis, a far more talented filmmaker than me, who was grossly underpaid. Your editing was masterful.

Brent Clegg, my favorite South African DP. Sorry I made you shoot so much in moving cars that you got motion sickness that one time.

Oh No, you are a legendary producer, composer, gamer, and tree smoker. Salute.

To all my friends and family who donated to the cause. Thanks for trusting me with your money. I hope I did you proud because I can't give you a refund. Sorry.

To the rest of the crew, thanks for making me look talented. I think they bought it.

South Africa, I love you.

Finally, Trevor Noah, thanks for letting me and my camera into your life for the sake of the film. Most importantly, thanks for your friendship.

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